Thomas Gun: Outfit 3



outfit_3_1Vintage sleeveless denim jacket / Timberland boots / Fi5th via sweatshirt.

Images shot by Josh Fletcher.

Seeing as I wear a lot of black, it makes it a little more interesting to play about with different textures within one outfit. Therefore for my third choice of the gifted garments from the guys at Thomas Gun, I chose an oversized black sweatshirt with faux leather panels on the chest and shoulders. I just chucked a vintage sleeveless denim jacket on over the top to add some extra texture in there, however I definitely think the outfit would work a lot better if the it was a black denim as opposed to a light blue wash colour. The sweatshirt fitted quite oversized on me, therefore I wore it as a ‘jumper dress’, and keeping with the chunky oversized looked I paired them with my oldies but favourites – my black Timberland boots.