Sex Pod: TV Time

1496891_10153784833040395_4376869669307335364_nHi, I’m Alex Hooper-Hodson. I’m a Brighton resident and one of the people who has worked behind the scenes to turn Beauty & Ruin into what it’s become today – what I like to see as an interestingly niche fashion and lifestyle magazine that draws its inspiration from the strange and sublime scene that is Brighton. Normally I refrain from blogging on here myself as a take more of a production role in compiling and commissioning content. Today however I thought I’d give you a little bit of insight into my latest project – the TV show Sex Pod for Channel 5.

Sex Expert – A Brief History of  Alex Hooper-Hodson

folio_horizontal_img16I’ve written three books for teens. These are based on my experience as a columnist. They deal with puberty and growing up in the age of social media and are available from Amazon
I’ve worked as a magazine columnist and teenage adviser in magazines and newspapers for the last 12 years. I began my career writing for Sugar magazine back in 2004 as their agony uncle and did some wild and wonderful things for them during my 6 years in this role – including photo shoots with boybands like the Backstreet Boys and Blue as well as representing the magazine to key MPs and Lords at Westminster Forums. Suffice it to say it was an unusual start to a career. From there I moved onto writing for Scotland’s big newspaper the Daily Record where I wrote a column called Sex Talk with Alex that took my advice giving to a whole new level and gave me a unique insight into peoples’ sex lives. Four years later and I took over the weekly column Teen Talk for the Record and continued to give advice, albeit toned down for the familiar teenage audience I knew from Sugar. In 2012 and 2013 I wrote three books for teenagers…one has even become an Amazon best seller.

Get Ready – It’s TV Time!


Last month I was approached by Channel 5 and asked to be a sex expert (or sexpert as my friends love to call it) for their upcoming show Sex Pod, a close to the knuckle late night show (to follow Big Brother) where members of the public get to ask a team of experts (containing yours truly) those questions that no one else has the guts to answer. There are the usual questions about unwanted pregnancy, safe sex and STIs but we go beyond that. In my long career in which I’ve regularly answered these sorts of questions some of them made me raise my eyebrows. Subjects such as frottaging, rimming, chem sex,  and the deep dark details of golden showers are all revealed when it airs. Filmed in front of a green screen I am yet to see the background I’m being shown against but I do know that a contingent of porn stars was recruited to provide some genuine illustration of the subject matter in question.

I’ll keep the B & R readers up to date with more details when the show airs but for now keep your eyes peeled for one of its 10 episodes over the summer.