Remind yourselves of Gosha Rubchinskiy AW15 Collection

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With AW15 pretty much in full swing now, I think it’s about time we remind ourselves of on of my favourite AW15 collections previewed at Paris Fashion Week back in February… Gosha Rubchinskiy.

Streetwear was born in America and has predominantely evolved in the last 30 years, seeing many gifted streetwear designers. However, in recent seasons Moscow born designers Gosha Rubchinskiy has provided us with an incredible Russian-take on urban streetwear and skatewear. It’s now being worn by the likes of ASAP Rocky on stage at the VMA’s and Luka Sabbat at New York Fashion Week.

Rubchinskiy’s AW15 Collection represents the skateboarding scene and the youth culture of Russia. It’s bold and colour, plus takes heavy influences from Italian hipsters and the Russian underground football culture to present a ready-to-wear collection you’ll want to get your hands on!

The collection is a complete mash up of subcultures – from the Paninaro movement which was recognised via Moncler jackets, MA1 bomber jackets and Timberland boots as the retro 80s Italian kids were fuelled by ideals of consumerism. The other subculture influence was of the Nazbol movement which was an underground party in the 90s in Russia created by writer and politician Eduard Limonov – the followers has extremist views and took part in macho football fan activities. As these two subcultures collided there came tracksuit sets, sheepskin lumber jackets, plus mullet haircuts.

There was a hint of bootleg Tommy Hilfiger throughout, with both waistbands and socks pulled up high to create Rubchinskiy’s new uniform for the youth –

‘all mixed with an idealism of capitalist values that are increasingly being called into question today.’

Remind yourselves of the collection below:

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