My Cliché Magazine Feature!

Last month I was approached by an online magazine, Cliché Magazine, to be their ‘Blogger of the Month’ in the October/November issue. I literally could not contain my excitement as it’s the first time that a magazine has ever approached me with regards to anything! I seriously struggled to keep it on the down-low and not shout about it with happiness on my Twitter, but now I can!!

So a bit about Cliché Magazine:

Cliché is the voice of today’s socially active, continuously connected, digital advocates who demand the newest, hottest, leading edge products, trends, and experiences. They blaze new paths of thought, ideas, and lifestyle. Cliché readers are a community of loyal brand evangelists who don’t settle for the status quo — not in what they read, what they do, or what they buy. They’re big thinkers constantly moving towards the future and Cliché helps them get there with every issue.

As a leader in the Digital Publishing world, nothing we do here at Cliché is traditional.  We are constantly collaborating with others to provide quality content for our audience  while finding innovative ways to leverage technology in order to help you better engage our brand. Besides being able to view Cliché Magazine from anywhere in the world, we now have a popular iTunes app so you can view Cliché Magazine on the go.

We want you to enjoy everything that we share with you.

The magazine is based in New York, eeeeek!! And as you can probably tell I’m over the moon about it!!!!

View the October/November issue here.

Download the Cliché mag app here.

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