Making Smarter and Sustainable Choices – Buying Second-Hand Cars

When it is time to get a new car, whether it is because your old one is now unsustainable and expensive, or because you have a freshly acquired driving licence, why not think about just getting a car that is new to you: a second-hand car, in other words? You may wonder why you should choose to purchase someone else’s old vehicle, but there are a number of excellent reasons why you should, and they range from saving you money to helping humanity become more sustainable. Let us take a look.

How Will Used Cars Save Money?

As well as the saving you will make on the cost of the car, which is the first and probably the biggest saving – more details to follow – you will have a vehicle that is in good running order and unlikely to need any moving parts adjusted, as sometimes happens with new cars that have not been run in properly. You will also pay reduced road tax as this is pegged to the cost of the car, and if you have opted for a compact model or ‘green’ (electric or hybrid) you will pay even less as road tax is based upon emissions and environmental friendliness.

When it comes to the cost price, if you buy a used car from last year – or even this year – you will pay about eighty or ninety percent of the cost of the vehicle when it was new. This applies, even if you are buying an otherwise brand new car with only a few miles on the clock! In general, vehicles depreciate at about twenty per cent a year, and you can expect to pick up a two-year old car in perfect driving condition for around sixty percent of the original asking price – a saving that lets you choose a better model than you had originally planned upon, or invest in installing some extras so you enjoy your ‘new’ ride even more.

Human Sustainability

As a species we are greedy and destructive and our appalling habit of discarding products that are still in perfectly good working order is aiding in the rampant over-use of the planet’s resources. Choosing a used car means that those resources are given a greater lease of life, and reduces the demand for new metals and minerals to be dug out of the earth, sometimes in a highly polluting and destructive way (although mines are trying to be more mindful about their activities these days).

Perhaps, by opting for a used car this time means that by the time you decide to invest in a brand new car for next time, you will get to be one of the first drivers of a type of environmentally friendly and sustainable vehicle whose mode of propulsion has not yet been invented!

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