Kiera Louise Makeup Academy – My Journey

This week at B & R we speak to Kiera Louise of KLMA Makeup Academy in Manchester, one of the country’s foremost professional makeup academies.

What inspired you to become a Makeup Artist?

In all honesty, makeup was always just a passion I had and not necessarily the avenue I saw myself pursuing career wise. I was a huge tom-boy growing up but always enjoyed drawing and painting.

The turning point was during university. Whilst studying, I always worked in a photo studio on a part time basis, I loved the creativity of different makeup products and hairstyles, but what inspired me the most was seeing the confidence that a makeover could bring for clients.

Where did your journey begin?

My journey began with the BBC, working on various television broadcasts such as casualty and snog, marry, avoid. I then progressed to get a job with retail leaders mac cosmetics where I worked for a number of years and grew more and more passionate about my chosen vocation

What was your vision?

My vision was to be a makeup artist with a difference.

When the academy was birthed I saw a need for change in the field of makeup education. I had been working as a freelancer for several years. My time had been spent with the likes of industry leaders Mac cosmetics, the BBC and doing major events such as LFW alongside extensive editorial shoots.

I then moved into the arena of teaching. Having witnessed first hand the contrast in skill both taught and gained from working in industry, to that which I was told to deliver in a government funded college, quite frankly alarmed me.

This experience provoked a sheer desire in me to create an environment where students could be totally inspired; A place that supported the ever changing needs of the beauty industry, higher learning in the field of makeup education; and most importantly empowered individuals to believe in themselves and the attainment of their dreams.

How is the curriculum at KLMA set up?

When I started out in the industry myself 10 years ago, Skills and knowledge to help you thrive and soar within makeup artistry was scarce and hard to come by. At KLMA our curriculum has been set up in a way that whether your experienced or not, you can come into the classroom with the confidence you will leave knowing 100% more than you ever did. We put our students first and Inspired learning truly does start here.

From beginning a new career, learning the basics, or enhancing your expertise by taking a single or more advanced course, KLMA Programs are designed to bring makeup artistry to students of all levels. We also provide flexible payment options with credit services such as Family Money to help our students regardless of their circumstances.

What is your aim for KLMA?

My personal aim for KLMA is to encourage students to strive for the life they want. Inspiring them to not only create a difference in their own lives by choosing a career they love, but to also empower the lives of others through the influence of hair and makeup artistry be it in whichever form they choose.

This is my passion, purpose, and whole reason for being here.

If you are interested in signing up for a professional make up course in Manchester, then contact Kiera at