‘Jessica Chin King’ Photoshoot and Interview by Robert MacNeil

Fashion Photographer Robert MacNeil interviewed Model/Actor Jessica Chin King. Jessica and Robert have worked together on many magazine shoots from Canada all the way to the sandy shores of Cuba. Their work together has been published in Canada, Britain, Ireland and The United States with more coming very soon.

Tell us who Jessica Chin King is, what drives you?

I simply adore fashion and art. Especially art when it comes to acting.  I love going to local acting events and festivals where I can support upcoming and rising talent in my community.  Speaking of support, one of my passions is to motivate my friends and family to follow their dreams and to inspire them to believe in themselves. Last but not least, one of my main drives in life is positive thinking, and learning that when there is a negative experience the lesson I learn from it can only be positive.  After all, what they say, knowledge is power.


As an up and coming actress in Toronto what challenges do you face and can you describe an average day on a set?

Great question. Every day is different on set! In terms of a challenge, the challenge could be, working on the same production for multiple days, and every day things could change.  Example; Lines changing, someone not showing up. The challenge is restructuring, remembering the new lines and going with the flow.  These are very common things that happen every day on set, but it is easy to work around it, cooperate and figure something out.


With all people in the social spotlight, dealings with strange or unhinged fans/followers can occur. Recently you had a scary stream of events that made you change your life. Can you tell us more about this?

As with a lot of people in this industry you get recognized, especially being a local. Particularly when you are active on social media, it is easy for people to recognize you. So a little story here… One day I was at a photo-shoot with the awesome photographer Robert Macneil, he walked me to the car like a gentleman would, and he noticed a key mark. It didn’t end there…. Flat tires, stolen licence plate, weird calls and strange text messages, and someone reporting my Facebook account. This took me 12 hours to get back up and running. This was all in the course of the entire summer.


Many actors develop their skills and craft by doing stage work, if you look at many of the world’s greatest actors they have all spent time on stage. Does this interest you at all?

I agree 100% that being on stage does help to gain experience. Number one, what I found was having to memorize your lines and not having the option to stumble, and knowing your lines well enough to be able to improvise if necessary. Being on stage the actor has no choice but to leave the ego aside and be one with the character.  That can sometimes be challenging in itself, so yes this is one of the avenues I will chose to help grow my acting ability.


Like an athlete, models and actors have to train to improve. How do you practice to become better?

Since I have started I have been taking classes and reading more. Reading is so important. I go over class notes at least twice a week and I practise monologues and scenes whenever I have a chance. Watching documentaries and reading biographies is something every actor should do. Since I began I have trained with Earl Nanhu at EVN Studios, who has been absolutely fabulous. Great teacher in acting and in life itself. Earl really digs deep into the spirit of who you are, and has the ability to evoke the feelings you need for a role you have to portray.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

The piece of advice is “Breathe, this too shall pass.”  Said by my Soul coach Cerise Fairfax, who I have known since I was 13, and has been instrumental in my life since I was 13. She isn’t just a coach but she is a friend and supporter. One of the most helpful quotes she taught me has been prevalent through my life.

As an actor, you must have a favourite movie or actor, what or who are they and why?

I don’t really have favorite actors, because actors can always surprise you in their next role. However, I do appreciate actors who grow within directing and producing.  Example: Ron Howard, Denzel Washington, Tina fey.


As you develop within the acting world, what genre appeals to you the most? Drama’s, comedy, solo work? And why?

Very interesting question, it’s not something I’ve thought about before, however, In thinking about it now my goal is to apply my focus in all the genres, and gain experience in each one.

What comments would you have for anyone who wants to become a model and or actor?

For acting… Do it because you love it! Make it fun. Don’t give up! Read as many books as you can. Read biographies of all the people you love. Learn as much as possible! It helps with the craft. Oh, also know it’s not as glamorous as it seems, it can be really hard so you have to love it.

For modelling I would say to work on your self-confidence so you don’t feel nervous in front of the camera. Maybe take a class on poses and also work on your core strength. Practise with friends!


Any funny stories or adventures on a set?

Well there is always an adventure on set, you meet different people with different passions for the industry, and so with that being said, there is a multitude of stories I could talk about, but the one that comes to mind off the top of my head…..  One day on set I was working with a bunch of special skilled actors. There was people doing martial arts, and people freelance dancing. It was amazing to see so many passionate people doing what they love. Truly a great experience and fun time!

So a while back you made a promise to take this interviewer/photographer to the Oscars when you become famous, what will you be wearing and don’t forget the shoes and jewellery? I will be wearing Armani of course.

I am a huge fan of local designer Brain Bailey’s dresses.  I adore the designs of David Yurman when it comes to jewelry.  Marciano shoes are always fantastic and comfortable!

If you could spend the day with three actors living or dead to learn your craft, who would you chose and why?

3 actors off the bat would be Marilyn Monroe, James dean, and Charlize Theron.

Marilyn Monroe was a genius. I once read that Marilyn Monroe was shy in front of the camera. Given the chance I would ask her what she did to overcome her bashfulness in movies and modelling.

James dean perfected one role, which was the bad boy role. I would ask him if there was any other roles he would like to try, or if he felt depicting one character worked best.

Just like Charlize Theron I would love to do roles like Monster. A woman who is a classic beauty such as Charlize Theron, she crossed all of the rules of the beauty world and turned into someone she wasn’t. She gained 30 pounds, allowed them to paint her body to look unflattering and completely committed to this role in Monster. She totally transformed herself. I would ask her how she throws herself into her roles so well and what she does to prepare herself for the character.

Last question in our baker’s dozen! I already know the answer but would you sell your soul to become the biggest star ever? (This is my ethical question)

My spirituality and my connection to the higher power is my everything. Therefore, without my soul I am nothing.

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