Introducing: Thomas Gun

I was recently contacted by an online fashion retail store, Thomas Gun, who very kindly sent me some clothing of my choice from their vast selection of streetwear brands. They sell some very established and highly regarded brands, as well as some emerging urban brands including Made In Chelsea star Oliver Proudlock’s  brand Serge DeNimes, Nicce London, Sik Silk and AKA.

Thomas Gun allows selected brands & retailers to engage directly with consumers, with the content driven directly by the vendors themselves which ultimately creates a unique user experience for our customers.

The retail store achieves such an experience by providing a platform for brands to showcase their collections in their own way by uploading product images themselves and customising the page within the framework of the site. Therefore the products customers shop and they way they shop them is controlled by their favourite brands as opposed to the slimmed down offering pre-selected by many other fashion websites.

Their mission is to continue expanding consistently, to add variety to the content of Thomas Gun by increasing both the number of brands the sell as well and growing their extensive consumer base, whilst still holding up the brand integrity. Upholding brand integrity is the highest priority for them, therefore brands sold via the website are selected very carefully and ‘vetted’ prior to acceptance onto the website.

We believe in the diversity of product offering on our site, giving consumers choice which may not otherwise be found on traditional fashion websites.

Thomas Gun offers a route into the fashion industry for start-ups and emerging brands who otherwise may me limited in way to break through, they also hate to limit customer choice to find the next big trend!

We believe that the multiple and myriad influences that our vendors can provide is the way forward in this modern age of growing consumer choice. Be that vintage, designer, high street or chain store. Only the individual mixes and styles truly represent our culture.

Look out for another couple of blog posts to follow showing and talking about how I styled the clothing Thomas Gun very kindly sent me: coming soon…