Buying Glasses Online vs In-Store: The Pros And Cons

Online retail is on the rise and almost anything you might want to buy can be found online. However, when it comes to finding the perfect pair of glasses, is it better to shop in-store or buy them from an online wholesale eyewear supplier? Here are a few pros and cons for each.

The Options Available

Glasses in-store often have a curated selection available, which is great for those who are indecisive or get overwhelmed when there are too many choices. Most stores will have in stock their shelves with the frames that are currently in demand, instead of filling them with a variety of frames. However, the downside to having a limited option is exactly that, it is limited. It can be stressful for those who are unable to find the glasses that they want.

Purchasing glasses online allows you to find a range of wholesale eyewear suppliers, who have a vast selection of frames to choose from. Whilst this can be overwhelming, wholesale eyewear supplier, such as International Eyewear, provide the option to refine your search for the perfect frame. These filters can narrow down your search to find the right frame shape, colour and frame material. A con of buying glasses online is that the overwhelming choice to choose from. Whilst there might be the perfect pair on one website, there could be three or four on another.

Finding The Right Fit

Purchasing glasses allows the opportunity to communicate with one of the trained experts. They will be able to take measurements, correctly interpret prescriptions and make any adjustments so the new frames fit perfectly. In addition to this, they can cater to any head size to ensure the frames properly fit. The downside is that when looking for the perfect pair, there may be pressure to buy frames there and then, which could lead to purchasing a pair of glasses that you do not love.

With shopping online, wholesale eyewear suppliers offer an option to put in the measurements for your face shape. This will narrow down the search to what frame options are available, still leaving an excellent choice of glasses to choose from. The issue with buying glasses online is not being able to try them on until they have been delivered. Whilst the description might provide what the material the frames are made from and the images show the colour, they could look and feel different in person than what you imagined.

Time Taken To Find The Right Pair

Looking for glasses in-store provides you with the ability to look at each pair in person and take the time to try them on. The issue with looking in-store is finding the time to go. For most people who work a 9-5 job, the best time they can go is either after work or on the weekend. Going in-store at either of these times means that you will be faced with a crowd of people to navigate around.

Taking your search online eliminates waiting in a line to try on a pair or be seen by an expert. Instead, it provides the flexibility to search whenever and for however long you wish.

The Verdict?

Just like your choice of finding the perfect pair, it is your choice on whether you take your search in-store or online. Both come with their pros and cons, but whichever suits you and your lifestyle is the route to take.