Astrid Andersen AW15 ‘Bespoke’ Collection

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Danish designer, Astrid Andersen brought her bespoke, street-minded, menswear collection to New York Fashion Week yesterday, and what an aesthetically pleasing pleasure it was!

Andersen has always had a selection of pieces in her previous collections which are extremely premium as they use fur to create. Therefore creating a ‘bespoke’ (made to order) collection only made sense she can live her dream to entire develop this aspect of her brand. The bespoke collection has the same inspiration and starting point as the mainline collection.

‘View it as an extension of the AW15, only as the ultimate luxurious version. For the bespoke collection, I wanted to explore a more mature silhouette within a contemporary look.’

– Astrid Andersen in an interview with

New York City has often been a starting point for Anderson’s designs, therefore bringing the collection to the famous city was inevitable! The guys were decked out in basketball themed fur hat and berets, along with lightweight mink jerseys.

The soundtrack really fuelled the streetwear vibe by complimenting the catwalk with ‘Sky Fall’ by Travis Scott.

Andersen explains to,

‘that this collection is “that loud shit”‘







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